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Perfectly Weak is a story about, fear, strength, power and vulnerability. It doesn't matter if your story looks like this one; we all have a story, and they all include hopes and dreams.

Casey invites you to live perfectly weak with her, in the strength that Jesus gives us.  It is her desire for you to say “Yes” to whatever God is asking you to do.


If you feel too afraid, too vulnerable, too stuck to take the next step, pick this book up and read it.

“Vulnerable. Powerful. Authentic. Eye-opening. Perfectly Weak enlightens the readers to the very strength that comes from weakness when it is surrendered to the Lord Jesus Christ. You’ll take a deep breath with a renewed “I can do this” perspective after reading this honest account of Casey’s own experiences--both high’s and low’s.” 

- Bridgette Tomlin, Founder of Sanctuary//Ministry to Ministry Wives and Ministry Partner with Chresten Tomlin Ministries, Tulsa, OK

Perfectly Weak

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